Management Team

Ohashi Landscape Services employs 20-30 seasonally adjusted employees ranging from skilled landscape / maintenance workers, project workers, estate program supervisor and staff, nursery caretakers and staff, administrative coordinators, project managers and management personnel.  Every employee contributes to our knowledge and skill base by bringing their industry or academic experience to every new project we undertake.  This commitment, to the success of the team and through each member who is working individually or in a project group allows us to provide the highest quality of services possible.  With this cooperation and team work, Ohashi Landscape Services can continue improving the environment of our community one project at a time.

David M Ohashi, President
D.M. Ohashi Landscape Services,
Ohashi Specimen Trees
C: 206.779.0546

Sandy Driscoll, Accounting Manager / Human Resources
C: 206.355.3007
F: 425.222.4805

Cyndi ShimizuHuman Resource Manager
C: 206.779.0549

Dani Ohashi, Special Projects Coordinator
Certified Landscape Technician
Construction / Maintenance
C: 206.779.0547

Jennifer Charlton, Administrative Assistant
C: 206.356.9001

Alfredo Rosas, Project Manager, Landscape Designer
C: 206.356.8009

Jin Zhang, Technology Coordinator
C: 206.512.7683

Jon Ohashi, Project Superintendent
C: 206.475.0037

Noel Flores, Project Superintendent
C: 206.356.9002

Alejandro Gaspar, Project Superintendent
C: 206.355.9001

Martin Ortiz, Project Lead
C: 206.356.5004

Tice Lewis, Estate Gardener
C: 206.355.6005

Amanda Lorinzi, Estate Gardener

Matthew Hipke, Estate Gardener
C: 206.595.4326

Colin Williams, Maintenance Coordinator
C: 206.379.0313